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Keeping up with the global trends, the Ekoinstal company has a high-tech guillotine cutter for high-speed cutting, built in the line. We also have very advanced, accurate straighteners for sheet. Because of the ever-increasing labor costs, we conduct ongoing research, the aim of which is to increase the automation level of the steel processing industry. Our customer-focused commercial policy means that those who have taken advantage of our offer become our permanent partners.


  • Maximum weight of the coils: 32.0 Mg
  • Possibility to cut sheets of 3 to 12 mm thick
  • Maximum width of the cut coils: 2 000 mm
  • Minimum length of the sheet: 500 mm
  • Maximum length of 12 030 mm when cutting in the automatic cycle and 13 900 mm when cutting in the manual cycle
  • Possibility to cut S235, S355, P265GH, 16Mo3 grades and others
  • The loading crane is equipped with a special automatic gripping device for the transport of the coils
  • The sheets from the line can be collected with a special universal gripper for the transport of packages of sheets
  • At the customer's request the packages can be stripped with steel tape.
  • The coils are cut in accordance with EN 10051: 1991