The company was established in response to the expectations of the market and customers looking for professional steel suppliers. While completing orders for small, medium and large companies as well as individual customers, we have gained recognition in the industry as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Individual customers are served by a dedicated sales consultant, which helps us provide excellent competent services. It goes without saying that we treat each and every customer on an individual basis, with due care and attention. We consult the project with the customer at particular stages of its development. Thus, the final result meets all expectations of the customer.

EKOINSTAL HOLDING is a leading distributor of metallurgical products in Poland, offering a wide range of goods made of carbon steel. We have been supplying our partners with metallurgical products for over 26 years. To meet their needs and requirements we have prepared a rich offer, including metal plates, tubes, pipes sections, shapes and bars. The company has implemented a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.




The Ekoinstal company has been operating in the steel sector since April 9 1990. Initially it was registered as a civil partnership and as suggested by its name it focused on the production of industrial installations intended for environmental protection. The company storage depot was located within a zone situated near the Chorzów City railway station, opposite the Kościuszko Steelworks. Adapting itself to the market conditions during the 1990s, the company diversified its business and eventually was transformed into a steel wholesaler specialising in hot rolled sheets.


On the 15th of March 2001 Ekoinstal became a general partnership. A consistent policy, focused on continuing development enabled the company to purchase a second warehouse in Świętochłowice in 2003. Owing to the acquisition of a competitive distribution business in August 2003, the company was able to increase its sales volume more than three times, as early as in the following year. The dynamic development of the company was appreciated and awarded twice in 2004 and 2005 with the title ''Business Gazelle''. In 2003-2004, the company implemented a quality management system in accordance with EN 9001:2000 (certificate 73 100 1317 issued by TŰV Hessen 25.02.2004). In September 2007 the company's management was centralized. At the same time a modern office building situated at Sztygarska 28 Street in Świętochłowice was put into operation.


In 2010, as a result of further investments, a production and storage hall of an area of 14.5 thousand square metres was put into operation. It was the place where a modern logistic and warehouse center was created. Later that year the hall was equipped with a Messer plasma and gas cutting line. In 2011 it was equipped with a transverse cutting line for sheets in coil and a steel maintenance line manufactured by the Kaltenbach company. The investment project of Ekoinstal Stal Serwis Centrum was thus completed. The investments implemented in the years 2007-2011 cost nearly ten million euros, however the purchase of production lines was partially reimbursed under the European Regional Development Fund (Regional Operational Programme of Silesia 2007-2013).


In 2015 the company was transformed into EKOINSTAL HOLDING – a limited liability company -limited partnership. This allowed a further development of the company, which was in particular supposed to manifest itself in the winning of new contractors and markets and development of the retail network. Therefore, it was necessary to change the existing legal status of the business into a limited partnership, which is definitely better adapted to the needs of the company's development goals, and at the same time provides the possibility to properly organize activities aimed at achieving these targets.


In 2016, while implementing the next stage of development of the Ekoinstal Stal Serwis Centrum, Ekoinstal Holding expanded its offer by laser cutting with the Trumpf machines and precise bending with the LVD press brake. Currently Ekoinstal Holding is still developing and implementing plans in steel projects.

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