This privacy policy applies to the website operated by EKOINSTAL HOLDING limited liability company - limited partnership. It explains how the data of persons (users) using the website of our company are collected and protected. By using our website you expressly consent to this privacy policy and consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the law and the terms and conditions set forth below.


Usage of the majority of the resources of the website of the EKOINSTAL HOLDING limited liability company - limited partnership does not require registration, provision of personal details or logging in to publicly accessible information sets. Personal information provided to us (such as your name, e-mail address, company name, business address, phone number, etc.) may be used to contact you or to place you in the list of recipients of the shared mailing system. Our website may also collect non-personal data, such as domain name, computer IP address, browser type, etc. This data can be used to analyze statistics concerning the website managed by the EKOINSTAL HOLDING website and to optimize the performance of our site.


EKOINSTAL HOLDING limited liability company - limited partnership uses personal data collected solely for its own needs (such as building a customer base, sending news or newsletters, identifying market needs, developing products, etc.). We do not share, license or sell personal information collected through our website. The collected data may be transferred in special cases only to the legal successors or potential legal successors of the EKOINSTAL HOLDING company, business entities or independent contractors employed to perform on our behalf or in our name work related to the commissioned tasks.


EKOINSTAL HOLDING limited liability company - limited partnership applies appropriate precautions to protect the collected personal information against loss, disclosure and unauthorized access or modification. The security measures include, among others, Legal, administrative and technical measures (such as security barriers, antivirus software, antispyware and, where appropriate, encryption technologies).

However, please be informed, that in spite of the measures undertaken to create and maintain a secure and reliable website, it is impossible to ensure full confidentiality of the data and materials provided to us. As Internet users, you have to take into account the risk of negative consequences of possible criminal activity by other users. Protection against such incidents lies with software manufacturers, including web browsers, active anti-virus scanning systems, operating systems, and others that create a structure for collecting and sharing data on the Internet.