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The device is characterized by high productivity and efficiency. This results from the one-head strategy and from the high process stability, but is also influenced by the multistage automation option and intelligent features that deliver outstanding results during the production process. The TruLaser 5060 ensures the competitive advantage by delivering outstanding functionality giving predictable results, including optimization and scheduling of the production process. The equipment used in EKOINSTAL is approved for the performance of structures in classes EXC1 to EXC4 in accordance with EN 1090.


  • High axial velocity and dynamics of the positioning

  • Excellent energy balance thanks to the efficient CO2 resonator

  • High process stability in maintenance-free mode with the Smart Nozzle Automation option

  • Highest quality of the edges in a wide range of thicknesses and types of sheets




This function consists in a coaxial injection of water mist through a special nozzle at the machining site. The evaporation energy ensures cooling of the material around the beam. Cooling power approx. 1 kW at 30 ml / min water. CoolLine means a more reliable process: the heat absorption and the gradual overheating of the material occur when larger and at the same time thicker sheets are processed. This may cause instability of the process. Thanks to CoolLine, the material is cooled locally, which ensures:

  • Greater reliability of the process in case of materials of large thicknesses or large dimensions
  • Lower unit costs due to the reduction of rejections
  • Possibility to process lower quality materials or materials with different compositions, and with various surfaces
  • Greater material efficiency: Better usage of the sheet thanks to narrower lineup of the details,
  • possibility to work with more diverse contours: CoolLine provides greater freedom in the machining of the contours, especially when handling high quality materials. This means that one can produce fine contours and reduce the width of the slots. CoolLine offers one the possibility to cut out shapes that are not accessible in any other case.


This is a cut with the application of special nozzles to achieve the highest quality of the cutting edge. The surface roughness and keeping the right angle of the cutting edge are much better compared to the standard cut. Further processing of the detail is not necessary. This function applies to sheets of the following thickness:

  • Structural steel 20-25 mm
  • Stainless steel 20 mm


This is a technological package that reduces the time spent on manual interventions of the operator. This package significantly increases the reliability of the machining process. The nozzles are changed automatically when changing the tables in the pallet changer. The laser beam automatic centering system adjusts it automatically. This ensures a smooth operation and eliminates the time spent on the "Tape shot" function and the manual centering of the beam. During this operation, LensLine inspects the lens and, if necessary, displays the message on the required cleaning / replacement of the lens. The "Smart nozzle" package also includes a function enabling one to monitor the condition of the cutting nozzle. The video system monitors the state of the nozzle, external shape, occurred deformations, and surface condition to ensure high quality cutting. The nozzle state is displayed on the operator's panel. All the above features minimize possible errors, which greatly increases work reliability.